Q: Is it REALLY free?

A: Yes, our public sessions are always free. They are beginner friendly, and lessons in proper technique and safety are given.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Water, Sneakers/Athletic Shoes, Weather Appropriate Clothes, Good Attitude.

Q: Is it SAFE?

A: While all physical activity comes with an inherent risk, Parkour is one of the safest alternative sports. This is because we focus on good conditioning, natural technique, and risk management. When you train with us, you learn strong fundamentals that you can use to push your capabilities safely.

Q: Is it LEGAL?

A: Yes, Parkour is not a crime. We are not the same thing as Urban Exploration nor do we engage in Trespassing as a matter of practice. BPK is an all ages environment, focused on movement and fun.

Q: Does Parkour REALLY make you more handsome?

A: Can neither confirm nor deny.



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