Always wanted to learn Parkour?

Explore new possibilities? Master a new skill?

With our in-depth Basic Parkour class you will learn all the Fundamentals of Parkour in a safe, fun, and challenging environment. Move with confidence!

Free to the Public! All Welcome!

Brought to you by BPK and The Warehouse, 1525 S. Rogers

We are currently re-working the Parkour class schedule over the summer. We look forward to seeing you again soon with an even better class.

What you'll learn:

Fundamental Conditioning for Parkour and Movement Sports

Finding FUN, Anywhere in the City, through Movement.

"Breaking the Jump" - Mastering the Mental Game


David F. has been training Parkour since 2014. He has a background in Martial Arts Instruction and is a lifelong supporter of learning new skills.

You can reach him though any of BPK's social media outlets or by emailing .